Along with many of the new words that have come into use in our vocabulary because of millennials – think workaphilic, selfie, and trolling – the word “bleisure” is another one to add to your modern dictionary. Bleisure trips, or business trips that tag on a bit of leisure travel, are becoming more common with younger generations.

In fact, according to a Chase Credit Card Survey, 78% of millennials intentionally carved out personal time on a business trip. Further, 60% of millennials said that vacation time benefits their business by helping them think big picture, as opposed to 49% of boomers who highlight the benefits of bleisure travel( So can combining travel for business and leisure really be productive? And more importantly, how can you save time on your business trips so that you can add in some fun at the end!

Let’s take a look at trends in business travel first. Did you know that in the U.S. alone, approximately 488 million trips are taken annually? That’s an average of 13 trips per year with 5 nights away from home for each trip(Global Business Travel Association). And that doesn’t seem to be slowing down; since 2009, business travel has increased about 38% per year.

So with an average trip of 5 days, why not add in a couple of weekend days and turn your business trip into a “workcation”? You might be thinking that those weekend days should be reserved for the long haul home and that cross-country trip, but did you know that most business trips are relatively close to home?

Check out this graph below to give you a better sense of business travel trends. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 74% of business travelers visit a destination that is less than 250 miles from home. Booking a quick transfer with BOOKmyHELO will allow you to get to your business destination faster, while allowing for more leisure time, too!

Business destination faster, while allowing for more leisure time, too. - BOOKmyHELO

Long-Distance Personal Vehicle and Long-Distance Air Trips by Miles Traveled One Way

But what if you are one of the 7% who is traveling around the globe to top business destinations like London, Hong Kong, New York, or Singapore? Combining business and pleasure can be ideal because you’ll want to take advantage of that long trip. Using BOOKmyHELO to avoid long delays to and from the airport can also maximize productivity, while allowing you more time at your destination – whether or not it’s a bleisure trip. If you’re curious about how much time helicopter transfers can save on travel to and from the airport, click here for our recent article.

No matter how far you’re traveling for business, hopefully you’ll have some time to enjoy the destination. Partner with BOOKmyHELO to see how you can benefit from our services for your next bleisure trip!.