The old adage, “time is money” has never been truer than in our modern day life. With time commitments from work, family, and pleasure pulling us in different directions around the clock, it’s important that busy executives find ways to save time at every turnAs every corporate traveler and frazzled entrepreneur knows, traveling for business can be a huge time drain. One of the ways to save huge amounts of travel time is by helicopter transfer. You can travel stress-free, avoid traffic jams, and increase your productivity with a travel solution that is right on your smartphone!

But does helicopter travel really save time? On the front end, you can avoid being stuck in traffic, waiting for rail delays, and leave from a departure point near your home or office. This efficient point to point transportation solution helps you arrive at the airport on time, according to your schedule instead of a confined timeline, while avoiding the change fees from airlines if you’ve missed your flight.

Let’s take a look at traffic patterns from some of the busiest cities in the world. Los Angeles commuters spend about 80 extra hours in traffic every year. A 30 minute drive from downtown L.A. to the West side could take 1-2 hours in bad traffic conditions, and the lack of an integrated public transportation system makes car travel necessary, but inefficient. Large metropolises like Beijing, Johannesburg, and London are no different. In São Paulo, commuters face gridlock traffic that can trap drivers in 112 miles of traffic, forcing travelers to sit in a maze of cars and buses for over 2 hours from one end of the city to another.

 Busy executives everywhere are turning to helicopter travel to save time in these overpopulated and traffic-burdened cities. In an interview with, Brazil-based legal consultant Sergio Alcibiades praises the benefits of helicopter transfers. “If I hire a helicopter for a few hours, I can hop between helipads and have three or four meetings in one day, which would be impossible if I had to move back and forth by car. For me this is a tool to make money.”

And what about when you arrive to your destination? Did you know that over 40% of U.S. based flights arrive late? In a Forbes article highlighting the brutal state of affairs in air travel, “about 310 million U.S. airline passengers – a number almost equal to the nation’s population – will be late this year.” And, unfortunately, this number has been consistent for most of the last 35 years.

More business travel is being completed with helicopter transfers, as it’s easy to book and becoming more cost effective in the current economic climate around the world. With helicopter travel, you can recover lost time on departure and/or arrival, attend the maximum number of crucial face to face meetings with clients and staff, and send important clients to the airport, all the while knowing that you are saving time and money!

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