Savvy travelers seeking a bit of comfort are always looking for ways to save time, in order to enjoy more of their destination. Whether it’s for business or leisure, time is one of those luxuries we can never get back. And people are paying a premium to save time when traveling. Did you know that almost 60% of luxury travel agents reported an increase in sales in 2017 according to studies by luxury travel consortium Virtuoso? Or that millennial travelers value customized itineraries as one of their top travel experiences(Forbes, 2017)?

Capitalizing on this growing travel segment is a must for those of us in the transportation industry. One of the ways that the aviation industry is meeting the needs of this modern traveler is with private jets. The benefits are endless, and include, privacy, comfort, rare delays, and of course, a streamlined security process that avoids the crowds. As more and more travelers are seeking this kind of customized experience, private jet companies have found ways to maximize their profits by selling empty legs on these private charters.

Shouldn’t it be the same for the helicopter industry? Why shouldn’t helicopter operators make a profit off of their empty seats? Currently, helicopter operators are not taking advantage of this growing population in the travel marketplace. But to maximize profits from those empty seats on the return flight, helicopter operators can follow the lead from their jet-setting counterparts and find ways to fill those seats. Right now, our data shows that helicopter taxis average 50% of flight hours with empty legs. That’s too much, and it’s costing you money!

Since helicopter charters are typically scheduled and paid for by a round trip itinerary, utilizing a program that identifies empty legs and matches travelers with these empty seats can only increase revenue. At BOOKmyHELO, we can aggregate empty legs from various helicopter operators and match them with travelers who are seeking this efficient and comfortable travel experience. Not only does this put more revenue into the hands of the helicopter operator, it offers the tech-savvy traveler an opportunity to travel in style with this growing travel option. Even better, our partners have all met aircraft and crew safety standards, which is of paramount importance for all travelers.

Partnering with BOOKmyHELO as a solution not only increases your revenue opportunities, it creates a new customer database that, like the private jet industry, introduces your company to the consumer who is sure to return after experiencing a comfortable, easy, and affordable travel option. It’s time to stop losing money on those empty seats!

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